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29 March 2018

Shannon Gardiner reflects on what she has learnt about the exam process during her time with CERP

12 January 2018

Emma Armitage weighs up consistency versus compensation in the Great British Bake Off and the world of assessment

6 November 2017

Charlotte Stephenson considers how the EPQ can reduce the risk of subject choice

3 November 2017

Ruth Johnson thinks about how to assess collaborative problem solving in the classroom

30 October 2017

Yaw Bimpeh explains why it’s so difficult to validate a test

27 October 2017

Ben Smith investigates how we can measure marking reliability

28 April 2017

Kate Kelly reports from a special symposium that was held to explore how assessment standards are set across the globe

14 March 2017

Ben Smith discovers the power of propensity score matching

19 July 2016

What does that innocuous ‘%’ symbol really mean? Kate Kelly ponders percentages

20 April 2016

Emma Armitage and Ben Jones dispel some of the myths that surround the evolution of standards, as historic A-level Computer Science papers come to light


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