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22 September 2015

CERP’s Assessment Expertise Training Developer Victoria Spalding considers the challenges of question writing

3 September 2015

Academic research should be accessible to all, writes Claire Jackson

11 August 2015

Alison Wood, Head of Education Policy, explains – succinctly – the importance of precision in short-answer questions

22 July 2015

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has launched ‘Transitions at age 14’ – an investigation into the changing landscape of education for 14 to 19 year olds – funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Lena Gray, CERP’s Head of Research, reflects on the first meeting of the research advisory group

10 July 2015

Karen Robson, Associate Professor of Sociology at Toronto's York University, gave an illuminating seminar at the UCL Institute of Education on the transition to higher education, drawing on the effects of class, gender and race. Ben Smith reports

2 July 2015

Ruth Johnson contemplates the fluidity of academic researcher identity

24 June 2015

Claire Whitehouse reflects on her recent lecture given to MA students at the UCL Institute of Education

23 June 2015

Kate Kelly reports from a special seminar hosted by CERP to examine how comparative judgement might be used in assessment

5 June 2015

Charlotte Stephenson considers the value of social media data

21 April 2015

Rachel Taylor reflects on how to make research relevant when education policy keeps moving on.


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