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  1. The effect of marker background and training on the quality of marking in GCSE English

    Michelle Meadows and Lucy Billington

    Historically, in the UK, marker selection criteria for national examinations have been a matter of custom and practice. Only recently has empirical evidence of the effect of background on marking reliability begun to be gathered....

  2. Can we predict who will be a reliable marker?

    Michelle Meadows

    The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, Research and Policy Analysis Department have conducted a large number of studies that have attempted to identify factors which might allow awarding bodies to predict those examiners who are likely to mark most reliably and those who are likely to require a...

  3. Is teaching experience necessary for reliable marking?

    Lucy Royal-Dawson and Jo-Anne Baird

    Although hundreds of thousands of markers are recruited internationally to mark examinations, little research has been conducted on the selection criteria that should be used....