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  1. Grade awarding judgements in differentiated examinations

    Frances Good and Mike Cresswell

    The consistency of grade awarders’ standards and the application of these standards to define comparable levels of achievement in differentiated examinations are investigated....

  2. Can teachers enter candidates appropriately for examinations involving differentiated papers?

    Frances Good and Mike Cresswell

    The ability of teachers to enter candidates for appropriate combinations of differentiated papers is considered....

  3. Describing examination performance: grade criteria in public examinations

    Mike Cresswell

    One of the main objectives of the current moves to introduce grade criteria into GCSE examinations is the desire to make more explicit the "likely levels of competence and the knowledge that might be expected from those who obtain a particular grade" (DES, 1982, quoted in SEC, 1984)....

  4. Quality of marking of KS3 English

    Lucy Royal-Dawson

    In 2004, Key Stage 3 English was component marked for the first time. Reading markers marked the two reading papers and writing markers marked the two writing papers. Prior to this, all four papers were marked by the same marker....

  5. Awarding in the 21st century- a virtual model

    Lesley Meyer, Jo-Anne Baird, Neil Stringer, Lynne O'Sullivan and Carolyn Adams

    Awarding meetings are essentially unchanged since their inception, with Senior examiners coming together to look at statistical information and candidates' work....

  6. An Item Response Theory approach to the maintenance of standards in public examinations in England

    Christopher Wheadon

    Every year outcomes from public examinations in the UK rise: politicians congratulate pupils on their hard earned achievement; the media questions whether this achievement is real; those responsible for administrating the examinations defend their standards; various subject councils and employers ...

  7. AS level grade, age, gender and centre type as predictors of A level grade in the summer 2002 examinations

    Michelle Meadows

    The relationship between AS level grade, age, gender and centre type and A level grades in the June 2002 examination series was studied in seven AQA GCE specifications....

  8. Measuring trust in the examination system: some insights from the medical profession and elsewhere

    Lucy Billington

    If the examination system is to maintain its credibility within society, it is imperative that awarding bodies and their regulator make efforts to understand, measure, and engender public trust....