Online standardisation trial, Winter 2008: Evaluation of examiner performance and examiner satisfaction

In January 2008, online standardisation was trialled for the second time across six components. Half of the components were marked conventionally and half at item level and onscreen using CMI+. For the conventionally marked components, examiners’ quality of marking was explored using first and second phase sample data from the January 2007 and January 2008 series. For two out of three conventionally marked components, there was no significant difference in terms of absolute mark differences between the paper-based second phase samples completed in January 2007 (following face-to-face standardisation) and January 2008 (following online standardisation). Larger absolute mark differences were observed for online first and second phase samples (following online standardisation) than for paper-based samples (following face-to-face standardisation). This finding is consistent with those from the first trial in June 2007, and is believed to be a result of procedural differences in the way that the two types of samples are selected and completed.

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