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  1. Item banking with a test construction interface: An evaluation of a prototype

    Claire Whitehouse, Qingping He and Christopher Wheadon

    A prototype item bank/test construction interface was developed and evaluated within the Research and Policy Analysis department to assess how alterations to the current question paper setting process brought about by item banking may impact on the quality of tests....

  2. An evaluation of a prototype feedback tool for teachers

    Victoria Spalding

    This project explored some analysis options AQA can pursue in repackaging the items retired from an item-bank. Past paper analysis will be made redundant when on-demand testing is implemented in 2015. Item analysis tools could be provided to teachers to act as a replacement....

  3. Online standardisation trial, Winter 2008: Evaluation of examiner performance and examiner satisfaction

    Lucy Billington and Chloe Davenport

    In January 2008, online standardisation was trialled for the second time across six components. Half of the components were marked conventionally and half at item level and onscreen using CMI+....

  4. Measuring trust in the examination system: some insights from the medical profession and elsewhere

    Lucy Billington

    If the examination system is to maintain its credibility within society, it is imperative that awarding bodies and their regulator make efforts to understand, measure, and engender public trust....

  5. Extended project (cohort 3) and project qualification (level 1 and 2): Student evaluation

    Anne Pinot de Moira and Kate Tremain

    In summer 2008, the third cohort of students were awarded grades for the pilot Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). At the same time, awards were made to the first, and only, pilot cohort for the Level 1 and 2 Project Qualifications (PQ)....

  6. Do marking reliability studies have validity?

    Suzanne Chamberlain

    Marking reliability studies are essential to ensure that examiners' marking of high stakes public assessments is appropriate, consistent and fair to candidates....

  7. Maintaining standards in UK high-stakes examinations using test equating

    Christopher Wheadon

    The dual processes of setting and maintaining of standards in high-stakes public examinations in the UK have long used the same methodology: a combination of judgement and statistics....

  8. Sleeping in or selecting out? Candidates' absence from GCSE examinations

    Suzanne Chamberlain

    For a multitude of reasons candidates do not always complete all assessments in the examinations they are entered for....